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We have landlords and investors who are looking to buy proeprties quickly to add to their portfolio.

What they need in return for a very quick sale, is a discount.  Some can complete in as little as 7 days under the righ circumstances and for the right property.

The people who normally use this service may have a property problem such as large debt, pending repossession, or perhaps a death in the family where the house is vacant, or even a divorce where the asset needs to be sold quickly.

If you are looking to sell your proeprty normally, then our Estate Agency Division is a better place for you.

Here at Invest Leeds, we offer a free confidential phone call to discuss your situation and work out how we can best help you move forward.

Our conversations are completely confidential, and we're here to help you get a result and help you solve your problem.

Sometimes it may mean selling your property for you, or finding a way that you may not need to sell.

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