Just £995 to Get A Sale Agreed At Full Asking Price for your property within the next 4 weeks!

Literally, give us just 4 weeks, and if we can't agree a sale by then, you're free to use someone else!

Let us sell your home in the next ..

  2  7
  2  3
  5  9
  5  9

You missed out!

How does it work ?

We Have Buyers Waiting For Your Property

We have a growing list of property buyers that use our services time and time again.  These are people with the funds ready to buy, and are happy to pay full asking price.  If it's a right match for what they're looking for, then they're ready to move very quickly. 

That's why we only need 4 weeks to sell it !

We Move Quickly

There's no time to waste, let's appraise your property and see if it's suitable

Get Full Asking Price

We don't need to discount the property, we can usually get you an agreed asking price.

Move Quickly

With everything going on in the world right now, being able to move quickly is a must !



Our vendor received FULL MARKET VALUE within a week.

"Delighted doesn't describe it!"

Follow These Simple Steps to sell your home

We sell properties quickly.  It's just what we do.

We have hundreds of buyers on our books ready and waiting to buy.

During our last webinar, we had 156 overseas property buyers looking at which properties they wanted to buy.

Whats the process?

  1. Complete one of our web forms
  2. We’ll contact you to make an appointment to come and see your property
  3. We’ll give you a ball park figure
  4. We take photo’s there and then
  5. We upload it to our database of investors first
  6. And then we issue it onto websites like Zoopla
  7. Then within 4 weeks, you’ll receive an offer that you can make a decision to take or not!

It really can be that simple.

Free Valuation

When you complete the form, we'll organize a time to visit you and appraise your property

Free Photography

We'll take photographs and upload it to our system

Advertised on Zoopla. Our extensive database of serious buyers

Plus we'll then market via Zoopla PLUS our database of serious buyers

Just £995  Fee Property Sale !

Just £995 to sell your home means that you get to keep more of what your home is worth.  

Why pay thousands to Estate Agents when you don't need to ?  Try us and see for yourself!