Every single week, we’re asked “how do you sell my houses without the massive costs?”

And the answer is simple.

We have already lined up buyers for your home.

These buyers are interested home owners, or qualified property investors from either the UK or from overseas.

We have a whole database full of them in fact !

So when we come round to appraise your house, on one hand we’re thinking about the best price for the house for you, and on the other we’re thinking about which of our buyers would MOST like to purchase your house.

Our property investor buyers buy all sports of properties in all sorts of conditions.

Most are happy to pay asking price, while some may want a little discount.

Pretty much all of them are happy to buy a house that needs a little, or a lot, or zero work doing on it.

So if you’re thinking about selling your house, getting full asking price for it, while paying zero in estate agent fees, then Invest Leeds can help.

The first step, is to make contact of course !

we’ll be in touch with you as quickly as possible to appraise your property, and see which one of our investors is ready to buy.

Can you really Sell my house ?

Yes! We’ve been doing this for years, and only recently have we really grown the business to the point where we have property buyers lined up ready to buy.

Whats the process?

  1. Complete one of our web forms
  2. We’ll contact you to make an appointment to come and see your property
  3. We’ll give you a ball park figure
  4. We take photo’s there and then
  5. We upload it to our database of investors first
  6. And then we issue it onto websites like Zoopla
  7. Then within 4 weeks, you’ll receive an offer that you can make a decision to take or not!

It’s that simple.

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sell my house free

Sell my house  – is it really possible ?

Yes is the answer. 

The reason is that we have investors ready and willing to buy as much property as we have available for them as they trust us to find the right deal.

Sell your house now – Complete our form !


sell my house free

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