Rent Protection from Invest Leeds.

What is Rent Protection or Rent Guarantee?

Landlord’s Rent Protection Insurance also referred to as rent guarantee insurance, guarantees you receive your rent should your tenants be unable to pay.  It helps when the unexpected occurs.

Rent Protection Insurance covers missed rental payments, cost of eviction, void periods, post-eviction and includes cover for Legal Expenses. 

If you’re a landlord who depends on the monthly rental income to pay the mortgage on your properties, or for other reasons, this type of insurance can be useful. 

Do I need Invest Leeds Rent Protection?

Rent Protection with us can give you peace of mind once you have let your property to a tenant. It has been designed to provide you with some added protection when you are renting out your properties to tenants.

Why should I join Invest Leeds Rent Protection?

Even the best tenants can have their circumstances suddenly change, resulting in them no longer being able to pay the rent. 

Whether you’re relying on the rent to cover the cost of the mortgage on your buy-to-let property or you’re letting to new tenants, Rent Guarantee ensures you can still receive your rental income.

We make sure all tenants pass Invest Leeds Referencing.

Referencing is required for each tenant named on the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and for the full rent outlined in the agreement.

How do I qualify for Invest Leeds Rent Protection?

Our Rent Protection is available on properties we manage. Simply place your property with us and we can offer you our exclusive Rent Protection.

*Invest Leeds Rent Protection is not available as a stand-alone product.

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