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Why Choose Invest Leeds?

Selling your house when you need access to cash quickly can be a difficult drawn out process.  From assessing estate agents, staging your home and arranging viewings it can be hard work and take months with no guarantee of success.

Our FREE ‘How to sell your home in days’ PDF will take you through how you can avoid the stress and hassle involved in selling a house and secure your house sale quickly, efficiently and with confidence.

Invest Leeds
We Buy Property Flats, Apartment, Bungalows, Terraced, Semi-Detached, Detached

If you’ve ever tried to sell a house you understand just how much is involved in the process.  The time, the details, the waiting for people to turn up and then they don’t!

The estate agents that let strangers and their children to go through your bedroom and look through your cupboards.  The buyers who criticise your décor and haggle over price.

Invest Leeds
Did You Know That 1 In 3 Property Sales Fall Through?

Many buyers will walk through your home, smile, ask lots of questions and seem really interested but you then never hear from them again.

During this whole time you have to keep your house tidy, neat and clean so that if someone wants to see you house it’s ready.

Selling your house can quickly turn into a headache!

Especially if you need to move for a job offer, look after a sick relative or avoid a repossession.

When we buy your home, you can avoid all the usual stress and hassle. We will organise a quick, confidential sale with no for sale boards and no peeking in your cupboards!

Invest Leeds
Imagine how you would feel if you picked up the phone now and we told you we wanted you house!

Don’t worry if your house needs repairs or you have a second or third loan secured against the property.  Don’t worry if you have payments in arrears.

We will work with you no matter your situation to help secure you that sale in days.

(We'll even speak with your creditors if you need us to!). 


What Would Help

Of course, right now, we don't know how much you owe on the property, or even how much your house is worth.

If you would like a no obligation call to see what your options are then simply click the button below and fill out a few details about your property.

What we will need to know now are :

  • Your Name
  • Your Telephone Number
  • How much your house is worth, and how much you're looking to accept ?
  • Why are you Selling ? Is there a specific problem that we can help with ?

As professional property investors, we buy and rent out properties and we can almost immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back and also take care of any fix ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or

how serious. What's more, we can complete very, very quickly..


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Maybe it's a new job that requires a move. Maybe it's a company downsizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy, or they could've won the lottery!

It could be a death, divorce or a marriage or birth. Whether you're moving across town or up North to a new home or to an apartment.

You've got other things to concern you.

We'll take care of your house. Quickly and confidentially.

For whatever reason, that house has become something to move beyond. To sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life.

Although we may not know why you want to sell right now, we do know how to get your house sold as quickly and as professionally as possible. In fact...

Here's the ‘How to Sell Your House in Days’ FREE Guide


One of the main benefits we can offer you is "Peace of Mind". Sometimes the hardest aspect of having to move is actually having your home up for sale and your life in limbo.

You've heard the saying "Sometimes the not-knowing is the hardest part!" 

When you approve the paperwork with us, you will know that your payments will be made and home taken care of so you can start over and have that peace of mind.

Now seriously, does it get better than that?


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