Generation Rent group calls for mandatory landlord register.

The Generation Rent Campaign has called again for a mandatory register of Landlords nationwide. 

They have advocated a register of landlords as a means of avoiding the problems associated with rogue landlords and rental scams.

They recently tweeted that such a register would stop criminals taking advantage of the system such as one rogue landlord who has been banned for life from letting property after he unlawfully let bedsits that were cramped and overcrowded.  If tenants complained, they were harassed. He even glued door locks and cut off utility supplies to his tenants.

They tweeted “It’s always nice to see a criminal get banned from renting out property. But if we had a register of landlords it would be possible to stop these scams before they hurt tenants!”

They have been promoting an online petition calling for people to support the introduction of a mandatory landlord register.

Generation Rent have said: “The number of us living in private rented homes has grown fast. Most landlords are small scale operators – 83 per cent have four or fewer properties – and most of those are not part of professional industry bodies or accreditation schemes that can give them support to rent safely.”

The goal is that all landlords meet set minimum standards to improve the professionalism of the sector and make it easier to spot and deal with rogue landlords.

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