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Jo Fox

About Jo Fox | Invest Leeds

Jo Fox is a passionate Property Investor and helps other Property Investors find the right deals that can help them grow their wealth, along with helping people who need to sell quickly, get rid of their home.  Invest Leeds is owned by Jo Fox.

Putting people together is what Jo Fox loves doing the most.

Jo Fox | Invest Leeds

Jo Fox | Invest Leeds

And finding a property that needs to be sold, and matching it up with a Property Investor that wants to buy quickly is what Jo is most passionate about.

Invest Leeds has a range of properties available for the investor, depending on what it is you’re looking for.

Make sure you contact Jo Fox now and let her know what you’re looking for.

We have off plan properties, properties from distressed sellers who are looking for a quick sale. We also have from time to time Portfolios and High yielding HMO’s from time to time.

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About Leeds

We have all sorts of property deals available, anything from high yielding HMO’s for example.

A HMO is a House of Multiple Occupation (ie 5 people with shared facilities) – which, when managed right can generate some great monthly profits.

We also have access to some great Off-Plan deals.

Off plan is where the development is still being built, but you agree to purchase the property from the plans.

It’s not finished yet so you can’t actually see the build, although work may well have started.  But what you do get is often a discount, or at the very least a great starting price BELOW what other people will be paying when they choose to purchase when the development has been completed.

If you want to speak with Jo Fox, then the best way of doing that is through the contact form on our Contact Us page.

We have overseas buyers waiting to buy your house

We have people who live overseas who are desperate to buy UK Property.

The UK is currently on a ‘discount’ right now mostly due to #Brexit, and the exchange rates are favourable for those coming to the UK.

What this means is that we have overseas property investors lining up ready to buy property in the UK.

So if you have a property you are looking to sell, or you know someone that is, then perhaps we can help.

Just complete the form and lets us know what you have !

Jo Fox