I am excited to announce a new Pendsey Trust campaign that Invest Leeds and myself are sponsoring.

The 11.11 Campaign.

We have set ourselves the challenge of raising enough money for 200 Frio pouches to keep insulin cool for the young people we help, by 11.11 this year and because each one will cost £11.11!

And so the 11.11 Campaign Challenge is born!

In India, obtaining affordable insulin is simply the first challenge.

Many children we work with have no access to electricity or refrigerators in their basic homes, and they struggle to keep insulin cool, particularly in soaring summer temperatures.

The need to keep their insulin cool is yet another barrier for them in attending school, where there may not be access to a fridge, or where they may have to walk several hours in the heat.

Last year, Frio kindly donated 200 pouches for us to distribute in India and this turned out to be life-changing for many of these young people.

This year, they are unable to help us, but we are determined to continue making this difference.

Anyone can donate a pouch by texting POUCH11 to 70085.

You can also donate at https://www.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/11.11

For the latest updates on the campaign follow The Pendsey Trust here https://www.facebook.com/ThePendseyTrust

I am extremely grateful for any donation and if you can’t afford to donate please share with your friends and family and helps us smash our target!

Jo Fox

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